Which Juuzou Suzuya Are You?

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There are many versions of suzuya juuzou in tokyo ghoul and TG:re. Such as there is many versions of kaneki and other characters like touka. ( hasie sasaki, pre-Agori, Post agori, him with his first kakuja mask, etc. Etc. ). If you haven't watched episode 9 of tokyo ghoul ( or read the manga in which juuzou suzuya is include in chapters like: yellow bell ) then you probably don't know what's going on since he's a later character. ( did you see I put he? Juuzou ISN'T A GIRL )

Which version of juuzou do you like best? One of my favorites is Auction Juuzou (*spoiler alert if you haven't read Tokyo Ghoul:RE*) where him and the suzuya squad ( along with tooru and stuff ) are on a mission to get the nutcracker and have to dress up likes girls since its a ghoul auction where they are selling girls to ghouls. ( of course juuzou was the one who looked the most prettiest ) anyway I also like Rei Suzuya. Basically the girl versions of juuzou are my favorite who knows.

Created by: eppie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do you wear in the morning?
  2. Which is more like your personality?
  3. Choose a animal.
  4. Flower?
  5. Bands/artists? ( if you don't know any of these just guess )
  6. Favorite color?
  7. Pick a emoticon.
  8. Which is your strongest subject?
  9. Instrument you mostly likely play in band ( or in a band )
  10. Second favorite character?

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Quiz topic: Which Juuzou Suzuya am I?