Would Juuzou be your friend?

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Many people say they're favorite character off of Tokyo Ghoul is juuzou but is it really? Do you think you could be friends with juuzou?? Take the quiz to find out!

Do you think you could be Juuzou's friend? Do you love him? Do you know almost everything about him? Is Juuzou a girl or boy? (Btw its a boy lol) take the test and see what your results are! enjoy!

Created by: aaliyah lassiter
  1. Me: Hello! Juuzou: Hiya there!!!*grins* Me: I'm Aaliyah! *gestures to Juuzou* And this is my friend juuzou!! Me and him have a few questions for ya! Juuzou: Yea!!! First question!! Are you ghoul?! Me: Juuzou... Juuzou: *holds his quinque* what? Me: Do you really have to ask that? Come on really? Juuzou: uhh...YES!! Me: hm...okay! Are you a ghoul? *asking quiz taker*
  2. Me: alrighty then... Juuzou: hm okay...intresting! ILL BE KEEPING A EYE ON YOU TO BE SURE YOUR TELLING THE TRUTH!! Me: yea!! me to!! Juuzou gotta another question? Juuzou: yea!! hm...How do you feel about sweets? Me: ooooh~ yummy!!
  3. Me: Well then Juuzou: Hm Me: *pokes his quinque* niceee~ Juuzou: *whispers something in my ear Me: hm yea i'll ask! Heya how you like his Quinque?
  4. Me: Mhm...ok Hey! Juuzou can i ask a question?? Juuzou: sure!! Me: thanks! juuzou: no prob! Me: hey person! how do you think juuzou looks? Hot? Pretty? Ugly? Ratchet? Average? Okay?Disgusting? Juuzou: Why you gotta ask that.. Me: *laughs* Chill out >\\\\< you look pretty hot to me! Juuzou: >\\\\
  5. Juuzou: >\\\< Me: Come on we have to hurry Juuzou! Juuzou: oh yea! Hm would you rather be Good or Bad? Or both? Me: Hm Both!!
  6. Me: *nods* Juuzou: How do you feel about murder?
  7. Me: that was suprising ya think juuzou? Juuzou: hm yea Me: I have a question! Do you paint dreams,nightmares,or reality?
  8. Juuzou: I have a question! Me: yey! Juuzou: *laughs* Me: Hurry plz! juuzou: oki! hm Fear is like a fire right?
  9. Me: i don't have any questions darn it! Juuzou: I have two more! Me: Yay! that's great! go ahead ask please your questions are always interesting Juuzou: >\\\\< thanks.. Me: no prob Juuzou: Should you ever turn your back on a enemy?
  10. Me: Ask again pleaseee! Juuzou: ok!!!! then after this can we go kill some ghouls? Me: SOUNDS FUN TO ME YEA! YAYY! LALALLALA juuzou: *chuckles while sharpening his Quinque* okay last question Should I apologize for being a monster? Me: *gasps and tackle hugs juuzou* your not a monster and if so i am to! and plus its wouldn't be your fault if you was Juuzou: *falls from tackle hug* yea *smiles hugging back slightly*
  11. Me: Lets go ghoul killing Juuzou hurry it'll be fun!!!!! Hurry!! *starts running away until I'm not seen into the roads* Juuzou: *runs as well by me with his quinque handing me a quinque dagger*

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Quiz topic: Would Juuzou be my friend?