A very Naruto love story pt 2

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All right round two I am pumped. So the next post will be Tokyo ghoul then Naruto etc etc. Because there are already two Tokyo ghoul quizzes so Im making my posting even

Alright I dont own Naruto only my oc Akane and the rest are from the original creators but dont doubt my skills when it comes to the story line. Ok lets do this!

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. "Akane hurry up we only have a couple of hours before the photos!" You groggily walked down the stairs and opened the door. "In you come foxy" Naruto hit the top of your head. "No one can hear me" you groaned rubbing the bruise forming on your head. "Sit down" you said getting the face paints out.
  2. After finishing Narutos face and washing up: "Do you want breakfast?" Naruto nodded. You got two 3min Ramen out and turned the kettle on. After breakfast you both walked to the spot where you were taking your photos.
  3. "Noway I'm taking a photo of you like that!" The photographer shouted. "We dont have time take the god damn picture!" You shouted the photographer took the photo of Naruto. You stiffled your giggled. You went into the spot Naruto was in and gave the peace sign while doing a close eyed smile.
  4. A couple of hours later you were at the Hokages office with Naruto. "Wassup?" Iruka hit you over the head."Show some respect!" You rolled your eyes. "Naruto retake the photo." "What no! Akane spent a good hour making me look perfect!" Your cheeks turned pink. Naruto pulled the sexy jutsu and like all boys the Hokage got a nose bleed. After some cleaning up the door opened. "ld ma I challenge-" A small boy came in but fell straight away. "Are you ok?" You walked over. The boy looked up and blushed. "Marry me!" You paused. "Itll be the last thing you ever do!" Naruto growled. "Your the one that tripped me!" The boy said pointing his finger at Naruto. You didnt interefere you wanted to see how this plays out. Naruto lifted the brat by the shirt.
  5. "Honourable Grandson!" A jonin ran in. "You wouldnt dare hurt the hokages grandon" This brat had another thing coming. "I dont care who you are!" Naruto said hitting him over the head. He grabbed your hand and stormed out. You walked into a street. You felt someone watching you. Naruto felt it too. You both turned. What must of been a camouflage sheet wasnt doing well since it was the other way round. You threw a Kunai above the person. "I know your there!" Naruto said. The boy poked his head to the side because of the blade. "You really are a ninja" you laughed as Naruto gritted his teeth. "What do you want?" You asked. He pointed his finger at Naruto. "Your going to be my new sensei!" "I'm not teaching anyone!"You sweat dropped. "C'mon boss" Naruto paused. "Boss"obviously sensing the liking about the word the boy replied. "Yep boss! Boss!" "oK I'll train you.
  6. Naruto led you and the boy to a patch in the forest. The boy wouldnt stop staring at you. You turned around. "If you keep staring at me theres going to be two holes at the back of my head" Naruto turned around. He was about to say something. "Oh sensei!" you said he stopped.
  7. Naruto went on about chakra oops I mean 'catra' And tried to teach the kid the sexy jutsu. "To old" "To fat" "Not enough curves" "offensive to women!" You screamed covering your eyes. "I'm just not good enough" he said. "Look did you think the life of a ninja is easy?" The boy shook his head. "Dont give up kid!" You said giving him a thumbs up. "Honourable grandson!" You turned around. "Oh not this nucklehead" you groaned. "I fired you!" The boy said. "You cant fire me!" and the bickering went on and on. "Sexy jutsu transformation!" The boy turned into the perfect girl. But the ninja didnt flinch.
  8. "Well we're-" you were cut off as Naruto did Shadow clone jutsu and the sexy jutsu. The ninja nose bled. "How much blood does he have up there!?" You said your eye twitching. Naruto doubled over luaghing.
  9. You were walking with the boys down the street. "Why the long face kiddo?" "I couldnt beat him" You sighed. "I guess we are now enemies!" you looked up. He was pointing at new and Naruto. "I'll meet you when your older kid" You said bowing Naruto did the same and the kid ran off. You both laughed.
  10. Ok so Im going to be doing a time table. My post dates will be Wednesday and Saturday occassionally the other days. See you then!

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