Unraveled in love part6

Ok it has been a while since I have updated this quiz in a while. I was re-watching this episode too get the story line right instead of going rogue ok?

Like in many quiz paragraphs before I do not owwn the Tokyo ghoul characters only my OC and I have made some changes to characters to spic things up a bit.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. You ran up the stairs of Anteiku and shut your door. You were sick as flashbacks came in. 'you were walking down an abandoned street with your friend Haruto. You stopped. "Cat whats wrong?" you smiled at the nickname he gave you, due to your green eyes. "I-I need to tell you something so...I cant hurt you." You said. He tilited his head in confusion. "I-I'm a....ghoul.." You said. He walked towards you. You were ready for a slap but you were hugged instead. "No matter what you are you'll always be pretty to me ___" he muttered.'
  2. You woke up, and sighed. There was a knock at your door. You opened it. "K-kaneki?" You stared. There an awkward silence. "I-I'll get ready for work." You said closing the door.
  3. You went down stairs in you Anteiku uniform. You tried your best not to be distracted until. "F-four eyes?!" He smirked. "I work here." "The hell you d-" The door opened. "Nishki?" You both turned around
  4. "Hide?" You asked turning around to face his hazel eyes. "Hey beautiful." He said smiling. You felt yourself blushing. "hn" You faced Nishki getting ready to go tsundere on him. "Hinami!" You turned around to Ryoku calling out to Hinami who was running outside.
  5. "Excuse me," you said walking to Ryokou. Kaneki was trying to go up the stairs, you grabbed his wrist. "Let her have her moment," you said he noded. "Ryokou what happened?"
  6. "She wants to see her dad," she whispered. You nodded. "I'm sorry, for prying." you said bowing down. "It's ok __! I'll just need to talk to her." Ryouko said starting to stand up and head to her daughter.4
  7. You had the next day off. You were on your phone until there was a knock at your door. You opened it. It was Kaneki and he was red. "Yes?" "W-would you l-like to go to the b-book store with m-me?" "Sure I have nothing better to do." You said grabbing his wrist and walking out the door.
  8. "Hmmmmm. Kaneki any suggestions?" You asked. Holding the wind-up bird chronicle and Norweigan Wood. "They are two very good books." he stated. "Looks like I'll be getting both," you smiled.
  9. It started to rain so you and Kaneki had to share an umbrella. It was cold so you midly shivered, and leaned into Kaneki.
  10. Just then- "Help please somebody!" You looked across the road. "HIDAMI!" You shouted. You dragged Kaneki across the street. Hidami hugged you. "They g-got mommy!" Your eyes widen. "Where?" She ran and you and Kaneki followed.

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