Unraveeled in love pt 2

I'm back! Recap! Your the curious a ghoul. You work at Anteiku and met Kaneki and Hideyoshi..... You notice a familiar face....Rize who attacks Kaneki now your saving his asse from four eyes!

Ok so I know that you dont read this and I wouldnt but please still comment and all the shiz! Ok by now you know Im an anime freak ok thanks bye bye!!

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. The ghoul met you. "You realise this is no-one land.....right?" He just smirked. "Its mine masky" "Funny how you insult a binge eater" His eyes widened as your Kagune goes through his shoulder. He stumbles away.
  2. "You going to eat Kaneki?" You said removing your mask. He gasped as you ripped what was left of the Human's arm. You offered him it. He shook. "You realise your gonna die without it?" He took off running.
  3. You told Touka about it keeping the part about Rize about. Funny thing is he came back that day. Touka showed no sympathy. For the next few days she tried to force feed him. "Its not going to work.....must be suicidal" You said ignoring Kaneki's present. He looked at you disgusted. Just then the manager came down.
  4. "Touka! ____! You do know of Anteiku's purpose right?" You nodded. Touka backed off. "Coffee?" He turned around greeting Kaneki. He didnt refuse. "This is amazing!"
  5. "Coffee is one of the things ghouls can digest...." You muttered. After Kaneki left. The manager told you and Touka about Rize. "So he's a ghoul cause of her organs?" The manager nodded. Touka was struck dumb.
  6. You had the day off and had a walk around. You came to a stop. Kaneki, Hideyoshi and the attacker from a couple of nights ago was there. Time for an investigation you thought.
  7. The eldest one led them to an overpass where he attacked both Hideyoshi and Kaneki. You werent going to interfere just yet. He kept on tormenting Kaneki. Then he vomited out the bake goods. Well goods for humans.
  8. He beat Kaneki up. Kaneki was unconsious. You were about to interefere until Kaneki grabbed Nishkis leg and started talking about how he met Hideyoshi.
  9. He realeased his Kagune. No suprise it was like Rizes. He took out the four eyed person. But he also forfeited and was about to eat his first human. "Kaneki dont eat him!" He ignored you. "Great" you muttered you knocked him out.
  10. You took both of the boys to Anteiku. Touka watched over Kaneki while you watched over Hideyoshi. Kaneki came in with the manager. You saw relief with a mixture of anxiety. "You didnt eat him......almost did" you said. "Had to feed you while you slept or you wouldve eaten Hide" You said. He started to crumble. You sighed. "Look you have a life in the ghoul and human world.....lucky b------ if you ask me" That didnt help. You zoned out of the conversation. You watching over Hideyoshi making up a story for when he woke up. "Thank you" Kaneki said you turned around. Thinking he was talking to you. He wasnt
  11. Kaneki and the manager left. You were about to go but Hideyoshi woke up and smiled. You closed the door.

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