Unraveled in love pt 4

Ok so I have not been in sync with the schedule but the quizzes will definitely be published on Wednesday sorry If you have waited for pt-4 on Saturday.

Alright so pt-4 is now out! So if you havent noticed I am using the options if they are in the episode so introducing....Shuu Tsukiyama! Sorry to the Nishki and Hideyoshi fans.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. The next day- You were washing the top of the the table when Keneki approached you. "Um.....hey ____" You looked up and smiled, "Hey Kenki, whats up?" He looked down and gulped you raised an eyebrow. "I was wondering if you'd like to-" Just then the door opened. You looked up and gasped. "You!" You growled eyeing......
  2. "Sweet, Sweet mademoiselle ____!" He bent down and tried to kiss your hand, you flinched and took it out of his grasp. "Beautiful as always," you felt your cheeks go red. He stepped away, instantly taking a liking to Kaneki. "Get out Tsukiyama!" You growled feeling you eyes turn red and black. You pushed him to the door way. "I will be back!" He said as you closed the door in your face. You turned to Kaneki, "This is your one time warning stay away from him, I cant always be here to protect you," You said and walked to your room.
  3. Touka was at school and Kaneki was on campus doing god knows what. You were left to work at Anteiku with Yoshimaru. Touka came back. You knew straight away. "Touka are you alright?" She ignored you. You grabbed her arm, she flinched. "Touka you can tell me anything." You smiled she nodded and walked upstairs. Kaneki came and helped around until Yoshimaru released you both. "Kaneki, Yomo wants to work with you, He was also requested you to help ___" You nodded. You got changed in shorts and a black hoodie. You walked down and Kaneki was waiting for you.
  4. You went to an underground area where Yomo was. He explained that Kaneki needed to lear hand to hand combat. "_____, I'd like you to be his partner I'll give him techniques. You are to come here everyday after work." You nodded and went to work. You got back from Anteiku and handed Kaneki ice packs. "Your atleast good at blocking," You said dabbing the ice on a bruise in his forehead. He looked away from you.
  5. The next day you found a letter adressed to you. It was a ticket to one of Tsukiyama's ghoul arena. You sighed and got your mask out and smirked. "Why the heck not...." You thought but normally he would tell you the competitors he hasnt.
  6. The night finally arrived. You wore a black cocktail dress, your mask and a red leather jacket. You took your seat. Tsukiyama came out with two girls, One of the contenders was a boy called Taro and the other contender. "KANEKI!" You screamed. He looked around looking for the voice.
  7. Ok I'm not good at fight scenes so I'll skip a bit.
  8. Kaneki was losing consciouness you were about to jump in the pit until, his Kagune activated. You sighed relieved everyone else shocked. After Kaneki's eye turned ghoul you could tell Tsukiyama was fan girling.
  9. Kaneki finsihed Taro. Tsukiyama took Kaneki off the menu. You activated you Kagune and stabbed Taro. Tsukiyama talked to Kanek then sniffed him. You jumped down and lifted your mask. "C'mon Kaneki we're going." Kaneki turned around. "____!"
  10. He hugged you. You steeped back. You returned the hug awkwardly. You saw Tsukiyama glaring at Kaneki. You let go and grabbed Kaneki's hand and got the hell out of there.

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