Unraveled in love part 5

I'm back! So anyway I'm cutting Nishki out I'm sorry to all of his fans but one: I couldnt do that to his girlfriend in the tv series and two: I think it might be better as friend material.

Any way with my other quiz the: Very Naruto love story I have changed it to stuck in Naruto with an emo duckbutt take a guess so I'm sorry to the other fans and SasukexSakura friends but suck it up.

Created by: laylahmckenzie12

  1. The CGG's investigations have been near Anteiku and some of the ghouls you have served have been caught. You kept a more subtle eye out on Kaneki ever since Tsukiyama's 'game'. "C'mon Hinami lets visit Touka." You said waking your cousin up.
  2. Touka always treated Hinami as a sister. Ryouko came in a little after three. "Can you both take care of Hinami while I run some errands?" You both accepted. Kaneki came as soon as Ryouko left. "Hinami why dont you and Kaneki do your lessons while I take care of Touka?" You said tying your blue hair up. There was a knock at the door. You opened it. "Hi is Touka here? I made her some stew because she was sick." "Ah yeah I'll take this for her thank you." You took the stew and waved goodbye. You went to chuck it in the bin but Touka stopped you. Touka started forcing her food down. "Touka! You shouldnt do that. Even though she is your friend you shouldnt eat it." You shouted. She ignored you and ate it. 'This is going to backfire' you thought frowning and worrying about your friend.
  3. That night you and Kaneki came back from training. "Atleast you didnt throw up this time..." You said trying to be positive. You saw someone getting a beating. "Hey look it four eyes! Oh well Karmas a b----" you muttered walking ahead. Kaneki stopped. He started running towards the guys. "I cant let two people die tonight." you muttered running towards the scene.
  4. You were able to hold the ghouls back. "Nishki is there anyplace we can take you?" You asked starting to get worried after seeing the damage. Kaneki grabbed Nishki. "His apartment." Kaneki said. You grabbed Niski's arm and put it around your shoulders.
  5. A girl around Niski's age opened the door. She looked at Kaneki straight away. "It's ok Kimi...." Nishki muttered. She looked at Nishki, "Come in." She said helping you carry the ghoul.
  6. You went around looking for more bandages while hearing glimpses of Kaneki's and Kimi's conversation about Niski's and Kimi's relationship.
  7. "Can you take care of Niski while I'm gone __?" You turned around to Kimi. You nodded. She went. "Kaneki can you go get some cofee?" You asked giving him the keys to Anteiku. He nodded and left.
  8. Kaneki has been gone forever. "I..think we should go find him." You heard Nishki said. "Fine but its your funeral" you sighed helping him up. Kaneki was standing at the door shaking. "Kaneki?" He showed you adn Nishki the note. "That b------!" You growled. "We need to go..." You said walking and supporting Nishki.
  9. You went to the adress. "A church seriously" You muttered kicking the door down. There was a figure on the altar and Tsukiyama waiting casually. "What do you want?" Nishki growled. "Why I want my ulitimate meal! While I eat Kaneki, Kaneki will eat her." You wanted to hurl. "I'm sure the female binge eater would understand." Kaneki turned to you. "That was a long time ago Tsukiyama and what your attempting is a disgrace to the ghoul society." You said.
  10. (Me: Ok I'm not good at fight scenes so I'm going to skip this a bit) "Nishki!" You called out as Tsukiyama knocked him out cold. You jumped back. "I do admit when I first saw you at my dinner parties you struck me like know other." You round house kicked him, then slashed him in the eye. But he healed. You and Kaneki activated your kagunes and attacked but he still over powered you. "AHHH!" "Kaneki!" You shouted as Tsukiyama peirced through his abdomen.
  11. You ran at him but he blocked you. "My, my, your too weak after to long of a fight my dear ___." You crawled to Kaneki. Tsukiyama walked to Kimi. Kaneki gasped. "Dont worry she's your meal." "How-how can you hurt people so easily." "Why I midly see ghouls as less consumptive than humans in the long run." Nishki wouldnt stop fighting. "Your to weak you need human flesh to fully power your Kagune." Kaneki looked at you. "Eat..." he mutters you stare in shock. "I-I cant hurt a friend not another...." You whispered. "Please" you sighed. You took a bite. "No!" Tsukiyama screamed. You stood up. "None of this belongs to you so burn in hell!" Yu screamed attacking Tsukiyama.
  12. "Nishki...I'm sorry but she knows to much." He knew what you meant. He tried to block you but you shoved him out of the way. You activated you kagune and at that moment, Kimi's blind fold came off. She didnt recognise you through the blood stains, the two red and black eyes and your kagune. "pretty." You stopped. You couldnt bring yourself to do it anymore. 'No matter what you are you'll always be pretty' memories came back. You ran out tears streaming down your face.

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