Unraveled in love pt3

Alright round three I am pump so the next post will be Naruto than Tokyo ghoul etc etc., so yeah.... this just got sooooooo awkward o__0..............

Alright I don’t own Tokyo ghoul only my oc the curious and your chatacter the rest are from the original creators but don’t doubt me in the story line Ok so let’s get on with the story

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. Kaneki arrived about thirty minutes before Anteiku opened. The manager was up there with them. "Hi __!" You jumped in surprise. It was Kaneki. "Hi..." You said. "Are yo ok?" "Yup just spacing out..." You muttered switching the close sign to the open sign. "Are you....ok?" You asked turning around. You never were able to somewhat say comfort any one....Your parents werent really the.....loving type they always left you broken so Anteiku was your home. You knew what it was like to be an outcast but to be an outcast in both worlds you couldnt compare.
  2. He didnt answer the question because customers started to come in. Work began. About one hour into work Hideyoshi ran in. "Kaneki!" He hugged his friend. "Hey." Kaneki said. "Sorry I'm not here for you." He turned around and hugged you. You felt your face go red. He let go. "Gee thanks for saving us," You smiled. "No problem" "Ive gotta go...bye kaneki bye ____!" He walked out the door.
  3. "I'm sorry Kaneki but if he finds out youre a ghoul I'm going to have to kill him...and trust me I dont want to" You mutterd to Kaneki the conversation didnt continue because two people that were your family came in.
  4. "Aunt Ryoku and dear Hinami!" You yelled and hugged them. "Kaneki dont just stand there get them towels!" But Touka was already coming down and giving them towels. You went to get Yoshimura and Kaneki followed along. "What happened to them?" The manager opened the door. "Have you told Kaneki about the men in suits.....also Aunt Ryoku and Hidami are here."
  5. "____ Can you teach Kaneki to eat human food," "Fine...c'mon" You led him into your room. You got a bucket out and some cakes. "Lets see what you can do" You sighed. After taking one bit Kaneki started to vomit. "In the bucket! In the bucket!" You shouted. "H-how do yo do it?" You sighed. "You first swallow your bite and pretend to chew. But make sure you throw it back up before it goes into your digestive track. If you dont it'll just make you weak" There was a knock at the door. "Come in'' It was Yoshimura. He gave Kaneki these cubes to put in his cofee if he prefered that then humans. "What is it made of?" "Better you not know" You smirked. "I'm going to go look after Hidami so I cant get dinner tonight" "Its alright Kaneki will go with Renji" and with that you left to tend to your aunt and cousin.
  6. Ryoku was my fathers sister. She was more of a Mother than yours. Hidami was like your sister they were more of a house hold family than yours. Your parent made you want to die....for 17 years of your life you stayed in hell. Until the ccg killed them. You set up a life for yourself and ofcourse stayed in touch with your aunt and uncle. That was why you were so happy when your family arrived. You were now in the kitchen making cofee. Kaneki and Renji came in. "Woah Kaneki are you alright? Never knew youd take it that hard." You sat him down and made him cofee. "Thanks Renji! You staying?" Renji shook his head and left. "Geese...well I guess you always stay the same" You mumbled leaving Kaneki.
  7. "I'm not taking him!" You walked into the room next door. Touka was at it....again. "What's going on?" "He wants me to take Kaneki to get a mask" "Seriously Touka? If its that big of a deal I'll take him tomorrow...You can take care of Hidami" Touka seems happy. "Thanks ___" The next day you and Kaneki went to HySy artmaskstudio. "Hey Uta" You said. "Dont tell me you need a new mask again!" Uta moaned. "Not me him" you pushed Kaneki forward. You could tell Uta took an instant liking in Kaneki. You walked around the shop and left them alone. After thirty minutes and you were making your way back to Anteiku.
  8. "___?" "Yes?" "Whats wrong with Hidami?" "Your not going to stop until I tell you..." You sighed. "Hidami cant be near her father and because of that she acts different...she's normally really happy though...." You explained turning to Kaneki. He was nodding. "Why do we need masks?" You were annoyed that Yoshimura didnt tell him. "So the investagators dont go tracking us down." You said and picked up the pase to Anteiku.
  9. Hinami never likes to eat publicly...You've learnt that with her visits. You were making cofee when Kaneki came rushing into the room. "Hinami...." You sighed. "You saw her eating didnt you?" He nodded. You made some sweet cofee. Hidami never liked sour things. "Give this to Hidami....I'll come up with you.....your such a baby..." You said grabbing Kaneki's wrist and cofee in the other hand and marched up to Hidami's room.
  10. You both went into the room. Kaneki put the cofee on the table. You nudged him. "Sorry..." You both turned around until Hidami spoke. "What are you?" Kaneki stopped. "He's half human...." "Half ghoul" Kaneki finished responding. Obviously sensing the discomfort, "I'm sorry..." Hinami said. Kaneki changed the subject. "Wha-what book are you reading?" Hinami showed him the book. She showed Kaneki the cover. "Monochrome Rainbow..." Kaneki muttered. "Some words are a bit to hard..." Hinami muttered. Kaneki started to teach her kanji. "C'mon Hinami time for bed" you said. Hinami pouted. "I'll teach you more soon" Kaneki smiled. "Thanks Kaneki"

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