A Very Naruto Love Story Pt3

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Look I know I've broken the schedule a few times but I got bored as my humanities teacher drones on and on and on about the black plague and I'd rather write this tha study that.

Alright so Team 7 will be activated! Yippee! I'vee really wanted to add more of a soft side to Sasuke than what you see on the screen. So here goes nothing...

Created by: laylahmckenzie12
  1. You and Naruto walked to the academy the next day. "I'm sooooo excited to see what team I'm on!" You fist bumped the air. "I hope I'm with you and Sakura and not Sasuke!" "You mean Mr duckbut?" Naruto laughed at your remark. You finally made it to the Academy.
  2. You finally made it to class. "AHHHH! Attack of the fan girls!" You jumped into Naruto's arms. You thought you saw Naruto's cheeks go pink. Or it maybe was Sakura's hair as she walked past.
  3. Naruto dropped you. "Ow!" "Sorry Akane!" You stalked up to your seat with Shikamaru and Kiba. Naruto was trying to make conversation with Sakura. "And round 1 Naruto goes for hi and almost stopped Sakura... He shoots!.. He fails miserably because Sakura likes someone else... Take a hint Naruto!" Kiba and Shikamaru cracked up laughing while Naruto shot daggers at you.
  4. Naruto jumped on the desk Sasuke was sitting at. He didn't flinch. They were in a staring contest until the kid in front of Sasuke pushe Naruto over. Their lips locked. Your eyes widen. "Did not see that coming..." Naruto got beaten up by a bunch of girls that morning before Iruka came in.
  5. Sakura sat next to Sasuke and Naruto sat next to Sakura in the end. "Today you will be sorted into teams. Because we have an odd number of teams one team will be a four man team while the rest are three..." You zoned out of the talk looking at:
  6. "Team 7: Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno-" "Yes!" Naruto fist pumped while you thought Sakura just died inside, "Akane Hozuki," You beamed as Naruto gave you a thumbs up. "And Sasuke Uchiha." You and Naruto died inside, it was Sakura's chance to be happy. You were dismissed to go bond with you team. You ran and hugged Naruto. "We have to find Sakura" Naruto said. "Fine" You went outside. "Hey Sakura-chan want to eat lunch with us?" Sakura death glared Naruto. "Why would I sit with you? I'm sitting with Sasuke-kun!" "C'mon Naruto lets go to the roof away from the pink hair monster." You said grabbing his hand and walking him up to the roof.
  7. Halfway through lunch Naruto stopped moping and looked at the window across. "I'll be back Akhane" He said jumping in closing the shutters behind him. There was a loud crash. Sasuke came out. "I've got to see if Naruto died..." You said jumping to the window. Instead of Naruto it was..."Sasuke?" He turned his head and looked at you. "What happened? What did you do to Naruto?" There was muffling. "Oh" You ripped off what was duck tape. "Ow!" You tried to untie his ropes.
  8. You tripped on something and fell. There was pressure on your lips. You pushed up and skidded away. "That was my first kiss!!" You screamed slapping him against his face. You untied the ropes and ran out of the room.
  9. Naruto got out of the bathroom. You walked up to him. "Naruto Uzumaki I'had my first kiss because of you!" He smiled. "I thought you died and went into the room there was Sasuke and he kissed me!" "More like you kissed me..." You turned around. It was the devil himself. Naruto looked like he was going to kill him.
  10. You walked down the street. "Akhane!" You kept walking but Naruto overtook you. "I'm sorry I didn't know duckbut would kiss you." You turned away. Then he pulled the puppy eyes. "Ah! I forgive you..." You mumbled looking away. Naruto jumped in the air and you laughed.

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