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Anime is the Japanese style of animation. With English dubs, anime has grown rapidly in popularity with western audiences. Our quizzes cover a variety of genres within the category of anime. Have a look around. We may have your favorite series covered!


Our Anime Quizzes

  • What -dere are you? ( Girls only! )
    [by: IquizI, rated: rated: 4.16/5, published: Dec 13, 2017]

    Okay, so, I've been dying to do this! So this quiz will tell you what type of -dere you are! If you don't know what a dere is, I'll tell you, all types of…

  • Which Dere Type Are You?
    [by: Bonnie Fan, rated: rated: 4.04/5, published: Jun 16, 2016]

    Dere is the Japanese word for lovestruck, but there are different Deres. Some Deres act like royalty some are to shy to talk. What Dere are you? Take my quiz…

  • Who is your anime boyfriend?
    [by: Teddiursa, rated: rated: 3.85/5, published: Aug 4, 2014]

    No where else will you find so many solid archetypes than in anime. They never fail us. We've seen the many dere's in action, now what about the gentlemen?

  • What would you look like in anime? (cool descriptions)
    [by: avery, rated: rated: 3.75/5, published: Jun 29, 2006]

    Anime is one of the most popular types of art in the world. This Japanese technique is nothing short of breathtaking and spectacular. I myself can hardly bear…

  • What Anime Show Are You?
    [by: tomboykaitie, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: Jun 9, 2011]

    Which of these four series are you most like? Will you watch the result that you get?

  • How Otaku Are You?
    [by: Maggie, rated: rated: 3.54/5, published: Mar 29, 2014]

    Otakus are people who watch Anime. To be an official Otaku, you must watch at least 20 Animes, relate leeks to the correct things, and know what Boku no Pico…

  • Are you an Anime/Manga person?
    [by: 566039, rated: rated: 3.32/5, published: Mar 21, 2008]

    There are many, and I mean really many persons in this world that like anime and manga. Many of them are persons that watch it for fun, but there are also…

  • Which Anime should you watch next?!
    [by: Charlcharl, rated: rated: 3.29/5, published: Sep 4, 2011]

    Just finished watching one series and just don't know what to watch next? Well then, try this quiz, and then check out one of the free dubs/subs you can find…

  • Which Hellokitty Will Make a Good Girlfriend?
    [by: Brianna, rated: rated: 3.09/5, published: Jun 3, 2014]

    Are you a boy that has a secret love for Hello Kitty? Take the quiz (and I promise not to tell anyone about your love of Hello Kitty). Well go ahead and take…

Adventure Quizzes

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Comedy Quizzes

  • How Well Do You Know Hetalia?
    [by: Naehoge, rated: rated: 4.34/5, published: Jan 7, 2015]

    Do you know everything there is to know about Hetalia? This quiz is designed for people who are up for a challenge when it comes to testing their Hetalia…

  • What Love Live! Sunshine!! Character are you?
    [by: Lily, rated: rated: 4.09/5, published: Mar 11, 2016]

    Love Live! Sunshine!! (ラブライブ! サンシャイン! Rabu raibu! Sanshain!) is an anime about a group of nine schoolgirls who become pop idols in order to save their school…

  • Which Love Live! School Idol Project character are you?
    [by: ur mom, rated: rated: 3.9/5, published: Oct 30, 2015]

    Which of these nine different characters from Love Live! are you the most like?

Drama Quizzes

  • What Black Butler character are you?
    [by: MrsImaginary, rated: rated: 3.79/5, published: Feb 1, 2011]

    Black Butler is about a butler who is a little more than he seems. It's a fantastic and wonderful anime. If you haven't seen it and LOVE anime, I completely…

  • Which Ponyo Character Are You?
    [by: Ponyoisawesome, rated: rated: 3.67/5, published: Feb 2, 2015]

    Ponyo is a masterpiece. It is a animated film released by Disney in 2009.

Fantasy Quizzes

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Sports Quizzes

  • Which Yuri On Ice Character Is Right For You?
    [by: Luna, rated: rated: 4.37/5, published: Nov 17, 2017]

    The Yuri on Ice boys are bored and DESPERATELY need to find a partner. Any volunteers? ;-)

  • Which Karasuno Haikyuu!! Character are you?
    [by: Asukki, rated: rated: 4.34/5, published: Oct 18, 2019]

    Haikyuu!! is a sport anime that I have quickly come to love. As of last year 2018, was in 4th place for the amount of manga sold over time. If you haven’t…

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