What Nordic Country are you (Hetalia)

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Okay, so I was sitting around thinking of Hetalia. And it hit me, I really like the Nordics! So I tried to make a Hetalia quiz of which of the Nordics are YOU! xD It is my first quiz ever so hope you enjoy it! :D

Of course the characters you can become is: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Iceland. ^^ And yeah... I got Norway^^ Of course I knew what lead to what Teehee! Hope the questions aren't too obvious^^

Created by: SillyDuckyStom

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Hobby?
  2. School class position?
  3. One word to describe you!
  4. You live to...?
  5. This makes me smile:)
  6. What makes a good friend?
  7. What would you dream be? (as a country)
  8. Your Favorite none-Nordic character? (or Country in general if you don't watch/read Hetalia)
  9. Favorite food
  10. Favorite subject at school or in general! ^^

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Quiz topic: What Nordic Country am I (Hetalia)