what country are you???

all countries differ in many ways. as do people.some countries are stong,and others are weaker. but each country has its own speacial quality!!!!!!!!!

so do you want to find out what country you are most like,and determine what is your speacial quality? if so just take a few minutes to answer some simply question,you will like the results...

Created by: hayley

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  1. how many friends do you have?
  2. what is your favorite food?
  3. are you a sun lover or a duvet hugger?
  4. would you say your loyal?
  5. where would your ideal house be sittuated?
  6. what is your favorite sport?
  7. what is your favorite color?
  8. would you say your knowledgable???
  9. what is your idea of a good night?
  10. what words describe you best?
  11. what animal are you most like?

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Quiz topic: What country am I???