Much Harder Country Quiz

There have been quite a few of these created with some cakewalk questions, this one should be a little more difficult and separate the casual fan from a more hardcore country music fan.

Check out this higher difficulty country music quiz. It is a higher difficulty than most and will truly test your knowledge of country music and its' performers.

Created by: Derrick
  1. Before Going Solo, This Artist Was Part Of The Ranch.
  2. Which Of The Following Rascal Flatts Songs Was Not Previously Recorded By Another Country Artist?
  3. What is Kix Brooks given first name?
  4. Waylon Albright Jennings gained his nickname "Shooter" for what reason?
  5. Sawyer Brown came to prominence after a winning effort on this show.
  6. She's Audrey Perry, but you probably know her as.
  7. Before gaining fame as a country singer, what was Joe Diffie's occupation?
  8. Which of the male artists has not appeared in Playgirl magazine
  9. Troy Gentry gained notoriety for winning a singing contest sponsored by
  10. Which Of The Following Is An Actual Sugarland Song
  11. Cletus T Judd married and divorced which female artist?
  12. Which of the following songs was Jerry Lee Lewis's biggest country hit?
  13. Steve Sanders filled the open spot in what country group in the 80's
  14. Kenny Chesney recorded Whatever It Takes with this friend
  15. Trisha Yearwood's version of How Do I Live was featured in which motion picture?

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