How Country Are You?

This quiz is for all you true country fans out there. If you think you are a country fan and know everything about it, I promise you will love this quiz!

This quiz determines whether you think country music is the bomb or if it sux. If you hate country music you shouldn't take this quiz at all. So take this quiz and find out if you are a true country music fan!!!

Created by: Kourtney
  1. Who sings the song "She thinks my tractor's sexy?"
  2. Which two country singers have been married for more than 6 years?
  3. Which is not a Country singer?
  4. Which is not a country band?
  5. Who is dating Blake Shelton?
  6. Finish this lyric: "My wish for you..."
  7. In Toby Keith's song, "I wanna talk about me" who is he talking to?
  8. Which country artist is "living in fast forward?"
  9. Are you really a country fan?
  10. Who wants to be "Your Man"?

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Quiz topic: How Country am I?