How country are you?

Too many live out there lives not knowing the pleasure of country life.There are things to do in the country that can only be done in the country.The country way of life can be very rewarding to those who have lived it and those who need to.See if you need to.

Are you country? This quiz is not the definitive answer to whether you are or not. But it might help you decide if maybe there is something missing in your city life that the country life can or did provide in some way.Or it could be waste of alot of typing.Who knows.

Created by: James
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  1. Have you ever ridden on the tailgate of a truck while driving through a pasture?
  2. Did you flip a coin to see who would get out to open the gate or gates in that pasture?
  3. When you were asked to take a ride in that pasture did you ask whats a pasture?
  4. What was the brand of truck you rode in through that pasture?
  5. Will you inherit this land outright?
  6. Has this land been in your family a long time?
  7. Have you ever hunted on this land?
  8. If asked to hunt on this land would you?
  9. Have you ever shelled pecans?
  10. Did you eat as many as you shelled?
  11. Would you go swimming in a pond that was full of green water,snakes,fish and frogs?
  12. Have you ever made ice cream by turning a crank hooked to a bucket?
  13. Do you ever bar-b-que during the week?
  14. Have you ever eaten anything off this land that you couldn't normaly find in store?
  15. When you were growing up did you have two or more chores to do before you went to school?
  16. Of all the teachers at your school, how many were also school bus drivers to that school?

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Quiz topic: How country am I?