How country are you?

Some people claim to be country but are they really? Chances are, they are probably aren't. I'm not sure why people claim to be country folk. I guess it's b/c country folk have the reputation of bein good hearted people who can survive on thier own.

How country are you? Are you as country as you think or say you are? Take the quiz to find out if you're country or not.Git'r done! Git'r Done! Git'r done!

Created by: Jennifer
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  1. Do you own a shot gun and/or a rifle?
  2. Do you have a four wheel drive?
  3. Do you know who Waylon Jennings is?
  4. Have you ever been to a barn party or a field party?
  5. Do you know what taters and 'baccer are?
  6. Do you grow or raise your own food?
  7. Where would you rather live?
  8. Do you ever get referred to as backwoods,redneck or hillbilly?
  9. Do you end all your ing words with in'?
  10. Do you know who Bocephus is?
  11. Growin up you didn't take your pet to the vet when they were sick, you just took them out in the woods witha bullet
  12. Friday nights mean cruisin the main street in town then out to a bon fire
  13. Is fishin a regular thing in spring summer and fall?
  14. Does anyone (or yourself) in your family hunt?
  15. Do you own a 4 wheeler or mule?
  16. Do you live in an area that's 98% or more white?
  17. Would you elect Hank Williams JR for president?
  18. Do you plow a field for a livin or bail hay?

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Quiz topic: How country am I?