How country are you?

There are many people who consider themselves country. But are they? You may be one of those people. Do you really know how to get down and dirty? Well now here is your chance to find out.

Are you a redneck country boy/girl. Or just another city slicker? Do you have what it really takes to be a country boy/girl? Does this quote apply to you: Born American... country by the grace of god? Take this test to find out.

Created by: Peach of myspace
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  1. Do you listen to country music?
  2. Do u like stacks on ur trucks?
  3. Where do u live?
  4. What is ur favorite color...(jus cuz evryothr quiz has this question!)
  5. What is ur favorite fourwheeler?
  6. What is ur favorite tractor?
  7. What is a bail?
  8. Do you go to church?
  9. Do you own a dog?
  10. Who is ur idle?

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Quiz topic: How country am I?