Which Anime Should You Try?

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Welcome! Are you interested in anime? Whether you are an anime newcomer or an anime veteran, this quiz will help you find your next anime show and hopefully obsession.

I designed this quiz with simple, straightforward questions that anyone should be able to answer. I also included a variety of results that span numerous genres of anime. In addition, at the end, you will be given not 1 but 2 anime recommendations!

Created by: Loren W
  1. What kind of show are you in the mood for?
  2. What is your favorite show?
  3. Pick a sidekick:
  4. Do you like action and fight scenes?
  5. What about comedic elements?
  6. Are you okay with crying?
  7. Have you watched anime before?
  8. Pick a movie:
  9. What do you look for the most in a show?
  10. If you have watched anime before, pick your favorite one below. If you haven't or you don't like any of these, then click N/A:

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Quiz topic: Which Anime should I Try?