Which Older Classic Anime Should I Watch Next?

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You've already watched most -- or maybe even ALL -- of the recent and/or current anime programs you're most interested in... but what about some of those classic *older* programs, you've always heard so much about? Which (if any) of THOSE should you be trying out now...?

Take the following quiz, and discover which new/old favorite should be the very next on your anime Must-See List!!! (No Refunds. All Sales Are Final. Offer Void Where Prohibited By Law.)

Created by: Kent18
  1. Which sort of main character most appeals to you?
  2. Whenever anyone attacks either you or your loved one(s), your instinctive and immediate reaction is to:
  3. Your anime arch-enemy is most likely to be:
  4. Your primary personal motivation, as an anime character, would most likely be:
  5. Your preferred anime best friend/sidekick, all things being equal, would be:
  6. Your most persistent weak spot, Achilles heel or hang-up would most likely be:
  7. Your one most preferred anime weapon, power or combat ability would most likely be:
  8. Given the choice, your anime character's favorite food would almost certainly be:
  9. Your absolute favorite anime genre is:
  10. The last anime series you watched all the way through, prior to taking this test, was:

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