Are you a Star Trek Nut

Star Trek is probably one of the most syndicated classic shows on television. 3 generations have grown up on it's low budget sets, and Shatner's over acting. But it is addicting if you grew up with it.

If you scored high then good for you. I would hate to think someone knows nothing about such a classic show. I watched it when it first came out and my kids have watched it because I love the reruns. I am sure it will be around when my 7 year old grandson decides to watch it with me.

Created by: Mordechai
  1. What is the Ship logo on the Enterprises front?
  2. Mr Spock was a
  3. Scotty was played by
  4. What was a "Tribble"
  5. Who was the Captain of the Enterprise before James Kirk
  6. A transporter malfunction creates an evil Kirk. What was the name of the episode
  7. What fuel did the Enterprise run on
  8. What aliens had the cloaking device
  9. What was a Mind Meld
  10. Who created Star Trek
  11. What was a Tricorder
  12. Who was Capt Kirks First Officer
  13. Tracking the beacon, the landing party discovers crash survivors from a missing scientific expedition; among the survivors is a beautiful human female, Vina. What planet was it on?
  14. This episode involved a group of "Far out Musicians" led by a charismatic leader who hijack the Enterprise to find a land of paradise.
  15. Spock hijacks the Enterprise to return an injured Captain Pike to Talos IV. What was the 2 part Episode called?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Star Trek Nut