Original Star Trek Trekkies

This quiz will tell you how obsessed with Star Trek you are. Of course, you should already know that Star Trek is the greatest science fiction show in the universe. It's a quiz, not a test, so it doesn't matter if your answers are right or wrong.

Are you a fanatic or just a fan? Or are you just a normal person who doesn't have a clue what's going on here, or do you think all us trekkies should get lives? You might already know, but give the quiz a try, anyhow!

Created by: Stella
  1. Your favorite Star Trek is:
  2. Better captain:
  3. Favorite kind of episode:
  4. Who created Star Trek?
  5. Which saying do you like the most?
  6. Vulcans need to return to planet Vulcan every:
  7. In the opening sequence, which phrase would you most want it to end with:
  8. In "Plato's Stepchildren" Spock:
  9. Who dies in the episode "Spock's Brain"?
  10. The greatest discrepency on Star Trek is:
  11. Overall, Star Trek:

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