The Easy Star Trek Quiz

You may have noted that there is another quiz on my site. Yes that one is for true Trekkies.(Or trekkers) This one is for the half Trekkie (again or trekker). I'm going to keep rambling on but you can take the quiz now. So anyway Since you are not taking that quiz i must assume that you are not the best at Trek information retaining.

You are the Diet Coke, the Low fat version of a Trekkie/Trekker. So i made this quiz just for you! This quiz was made in dedication of my aunt as she requested there be a "Star Trek Lite" quiz. Well anyway, here you go.

Created by: Evan Smith
  1. What Ship dose Captain Picard (The bald guy) Fly?
  2. Who is Tuvok?
  3. What is a Phaser?
  4. Is Data human?
  5. What color is the Enterprise?
  6. How are you Today
  7. What color is Picards Hair?
  8. What color is Scotties shirt
  9. Who killed Q?
  10. Is this the last queation on this test?

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