Which Star Trek: The Musical Character Are You?

Have you ever wanted to know what Star Trek character you were, but wanted it to be about a parody? Now's your chance! You can be either Kirk, Spock, McCoy, or Christine Chapel. My friend and I made Star Trek: The Musical. For more info, Google "Star Trek: The Musical."

Okay, so if you want to know how to win who ever, all I can say is this. What is Kirk like? Spock? McCoy? Christine Chapel? If you need help, exagerate everyone's personality. Have fun! Or not.

Created by: Akaria
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  1. Do you like alien girls?
  2. Are you totally the best, ever?
  3. Was the spelling error of illogical illogical?
  4. What would you be doing now on a normal day?
  5. This decides your score- are you a polymath and do you like mirrors?
  6. Did you think it was last? And did you believe me?
  7. Okay, those were the last 6-point questions. Which do you represent or your brilliant friend say you represent?
  8. Is Spock the best person ever?
  9. Is McCoy the best person ever in the world?
  10. Is Kirk the best ever in the universe?
  11. Is Christine Chapel awesome?
  12. Last question- did you notice that the last ones asked you in a somewhat subtle manner to predict your outcome?

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Quiz topic: Which Star Trek: The Musical Character am I?