Are You a fan of Star Trek?

Many people watch Star Trek, but can they survive the addiction? Some can are you one, or do you know things that no one should know? Step right up and find out.

Are you a fan of Star Trek? Do you want to know? Yes, then come on and find out if you are a nerd or not. If you are not a fan, well good luck with that...

Created by: C. Howard
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  1. What is the name of the best Star Trek Movie?
  2. How many ships have been named Enterprise since the founding of the Federation?
  3. What was the NCC number of the Enterprise in 2266?
  4. Who was the captain of the USS Enterprise-C?
  5. What happened to the USS Enterprise-C?
  6. What was the name of the captain of the USS-Enterprise-D?
  7. What does the T. in James T. Kirk stand for?
  8. Who is the father of the Klingon people?
  9. Why didn't the Klingons in TOS have the forehead ridges like they did in the other four series?
  10. Is this the correct order that the television series take place? TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise
  11. Final question; Who was in charge of security during the first season of TNG?

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Quiz topic: Am I a fan of Star Trek?