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What kind of Star Trekkie are you?

Attention! All Star Trekkies in the house. Ever wonder what you would be or do in the Star Trek universe? This quiz will help you find out. Are you a red shirt? A Q? The next James T. Kirk? Or others not mentioned... Find out by taking this short quiz!

You ready? Put on your liitle plasti.. I mean gold communicator, and remember the good ole days of swish noise effects. Sooo pull up a chair set all phasers from stun to kill, and click the link below... If you dare! (Evil laugh now appropriate).

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
Are you a member of the Spock market?
Yes, I own 5 shares of Kirk (but then again who doesn't?)
Your favorite Star Trek:
The original
The Next Generation
New Enterprise
The greatest indiscrepency on Star Trek:
Why captain Kirk, and Riker do not have 500 illegitemite children
How a dilythium crystal can power an entire star ship
Why every species looks so similar
Why does everyone know English across the universe
Better captain:
Klingon warship captain
Favorite kind of episode
Any with big intergaletic battles! BOOOMMM
Any with Q
Ones that show new sides of the characters (character development)
i like them all?
Any where the captain gets... meets a colony of women, and...err negotiates with them
Finish this line: "Peace and ____ ____."
Well Being
Live long
Long Life
who cares?
bite me
Vulcans need to return to planet Vulcan every:
10 yrs
Vulcans suck
7 yrs
22 yrs
Which saying do you like the most?
Beam me up Scotty
"Beam us up, Mr. Scott"
That's not funny Scotty, beam back down my cloths
Beam me up Scotty there are no signs of intelligent life
Blast that ship into the seventh layer of the Abyss!!!!!!
Who created Star Trek?
George Lucas
Someone who likes the idea of phasing people out of existence.
Roddenberry, Jean
the guy who did that thing, and made that other thing.
Roddenberry, Gene
Regarding TNG, what was the name of Data's daughter? (Who suffered from cascade failure.)
Data sucks
Mrs. Byte
In Voyager, what was the name of the former borg female?
8 of 10
7 of 9
Was she the hot one?
I did not watch Voyager
In the opening sequence, which phrase would you most want it to end with:
To boldly go where no man has gone before
To boldly go where no one has gone before
To brazenly go where ever we want
To make lots of things go BOOMMMM!!!!!
Just music playing, while the opening credits roll
A hostage situiation has occured, the bad guys are in a broken down Romulan warship. They are holding innocent people hostage, and are demanding to be let go, or else... You:
Blow up the ship, with the hostages still in it (this is war!!)
Lead a rescue group in with a coded transport device.
Call for backup
Say you do not care about the hostages, and offer THEM an ultimatum
Remember the prime directive, and look into what it says to do in a hostage situation.
Do you own any Star trek paraphernalia? (Clocks, movies, action figures, etc.)
1 or 2
3 - 10
11 and up
Uhhh, I just watch it :)
Regarding the original Trek: In the episode "The trouble with tribbles" What was the trouble?
Tribbles emit fumes that make human's act drunk
Tribbles are actually a race of micro-computers that made the enterprise's transporter go haywire.
who cares
They make thingsss gooooo BOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!
They are born pregnant, and reproduce at an astonishing rate
There's "no tribble at all".
Which of these Vulcan quilites would you choose?
The Pon Farr (snicker)
mind melds
neuropressure (mastery of pressure points
katra (cheat death)
bonding (physic bond between partners)
Vulcans SUCK!!!!
Q as portrayed by John de Lancie, did many things in TNG. which would you do:
Put humanity on trial
Help to save humanity
Put everyone in a Robin Hood spoof
Show Picard that his past really does effect his future
I did not watch much TNG
This is the last question. They are considering casting Matt Damen as the young James T. Kirk (No I am not joking) You:
Scream and go on a homicidal quest
Rant to everyone, about how "No one should ever re-do Kirk"
He might portrey it well, we will have to watch and see.
That's great news!!!!!
Use angry mental messages to bring down the casters

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