Are you a TNG Trekkie?

By far, the best rated series to bear the Star Trek moniker was The Next Generation. It plays on Spike TV for 3 hours a day, and with good reason. It's the only show to ever be nominated for an Emmy in syndication.

Ever wonder if you were a TNG junkie? Can't get enough of Data's rambling? Can't wait to see who Riker is going to hit on next? Can't wrap your mind around the techno-babble coming out of Jean Luc's incredibly foreign mouth? Well, here's your chance to find out.

Created by: Jim
  1. What is the primary form of transport between decks on the Enterprise?
  2. Who is the primary teleporter operator?
  3. What is Counselor Deanna Troi's race?
  4. What kind of neural network does Data employ?
  5. Which of the following contingencies will cause a total destruction of the ship?
  6. What is Beverly Crusher's duty on the Enterprise?
  7. What kind of being is Lt. Commander Data?
  8. What Empire controls the far side of the Neutral Zone?
  9. What class star cruiser is the Enterprise-D?
  10. What is Captain Picard's favorite kind of tea?
  11. What type of officer could wear a blue uniform?
  12. At what Federation colony did Commander Riker join the Enterprise crew?
  13. Which of the following was Data not capable of doing?

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Quiz topic: Am I a TNG Trekkie?