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Science Fiction and fantasy television shows feature technology, the future, and/or supernatural topics. The genre has spawned many a great series, from Star Trek to Doctor Who. Our quizzes here will please any sci-fi or fantasy fan.


Sci-Fi and Fantasy Quiz List

  • Which Stargate Atlantis character are you most like?
    [by: Argon, rated: rated: 3.68/5, published: Apr 9, 2007]

    Everybody has their own distinct personality, but it is possible to be simmilar in personality to another person. Wheter you are spunky, tough, smart, or…

  • Which Stargate character are you?
    [by: El K, rated: rated: 3.62/5, published: Dec 19, 2007]

    Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are great shows, full of action, adventure, laughs and many interesting characters. I'm sure that you have, from time to…

  • Quel personnage de Noob êtes-vous ?
    [by: llewellyn, rated: rated: 3.59/5, published: Aug 16, 2010]

    Quel personnage de la web-série Noob vous représente le plus ? Omega Zell, Gaea, Sparadrap, Arthéon ou bien quelqu'un d'autre…

  • What is your role in Team Free Will?
    [by: Ruby, rated: rated: 4.38/5, published: Jan 13, 2017]

    If you're here, then I'm assuming you're a fan of Supernatural. I created this quiz for those of us wondering what our place in Team Free Will would be.

  • Which Red Dwarf Character Are You?
    [by: Leah, rated: rated: 4.2/5, published: May 23, 2018]

    The quiz is simple. With this personality test, you can see which Red Dwarf character you are most similar to. Are you sure you're going to end up with your…

  • How Well Do You Know Once Upon A Time?
    [by: lucy, rated: rated: 3.17/5, published: Jan 11, 2015]

    There are lots of people and many shows, but few Once Upon A Time geniuses. See if your one of those people by taking this quiz. A Once Upon A Time genius is…

  • What Lost Character are you?
    [by: K Tompkins, rated: rated: 2.98/5, published: Nov 9, 2006]

    You survived the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Now you're stranded on a mysterious island. Which character would you be, from this popular sci-fi mystery show?

  • What Sci-Fi Character Are You?
    [by: Meself, rated: rated: 2.9/5, published: Apr 29, 2010]

    There are many science fiction movies and TV shows, and many well-known characters in them. This is a personality test to find out which science fiction…

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