How Well Do You Know Once Upon A Time?

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There are lots of people and many shows, but few Once Upon A Time geniuses. See if your one of those people by taking this quiz. A Once Upon A Time genius is a true fan.

You're not a true fan of Once Upon A Time until you can ace this quiz. You'll find out if you're a true fan ps. Questions contain things from seasons 1 2 and 3.

Created by: lucy
  1. How does Emma Swan break the curse?
  2. Who breaks the curse the second time by kissing Henry on the head?
  3. Who plays Regina/evil queen?
  4. How does the wicked witch break Regina's blood magic?
  5. Who gives Emma the memory potion to remember Storybrooke?
  6. How does Henry remember Storybrooke?
  7. Who is the man with the lion tattoo?
  8. Who uses light magic against the wicked witch?
  9. Who kills the wicked witch?
  10. What is the curse called that Regina cast?
  11. Why does Regina tell Emma at the last episode of season 3 "you're just like your mother"

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Once Upon A Time?