Durmstrang Sorting Quiz

There comes a time in each witch and wizards life where they must part with their families and travel far. They must get educated in magic and must learn how to control it. And that time is now for you.

So choose every question wisely because once you have been sorted, it will follow you throughout your life. Each house shows a lot about the person in it, so make sure you choose those closest to your heart.

Created by: Trinity Hamilton
  1. One morning you wake up to find an owl perched on the end of your bed, staring at you. It had an envelope in it's beak.
  2. Reading the letter that was left, you see that you have been accepted into Durmstrang. You keep reading and find out that it is a magic school. What are your first thoughts?
  3. You head downstairs after changing and see your parents at the breakfast table. Breakfast was ready.
  4. Finishing breakfast, you look over at your parents and think about how to break the news to them. You weren't sure how they would take the news.
  5. Your parents are very excited to hear that you got accepted into Durmstrang. To your surprise, you find out they both attended Durmstrang way back when.
  6. Durmstrang only allows certain types of pets. Which do you have?
  7. You go down to your a little village that sells school items for Durmstrang, and stock up on a lot of supplies. What do you make sure to have?
  8. You make it to the train station and board. It is supposed to take you down to the dock, where you board a boat to get you to your destination. You walk down the aisle, trying to find a compartment to sit in. You...
  9. You are heading to Durmstrang Academy on the boat. Having heard stories about the school, you were rather excited to arrive. You stood at the edge of the ship in deep thought. You..
  10. You exit the ships at the Milnov Docks and walk through the pier towards the castle. On the way to the castle, you notice a wolf standing there. It had cornered a small bunny and was about to attack. You...
  11. As you reach the castle, you realize that you need to use the restroom due to the extreme cold climate from outside. You go to the entrance and see a line going out the door. It's not too long, but long enough that you might not be able to make it. You...
  12. Coming out the bathroom stall, you feel much better. A man comes to you and summons you to the great hall. You walk down the hall and notice older students huddled in groups chatting away about their summers. As you were lost in thought, you noticed the man you were following disappeared. You...
  13. As you finally reached the hall where all the first years had gathered, you get taken to the crowd that was standing underneath the stage. You hear name after name get called out. You hear your name and walk up to the chair. How do you feel?

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