What Sci-Fi Character Are You?

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There are many science fiction movies and TV shows, and many well-known characters in them. This is a personality test to find out which science fiction character you are!

I said everything that was necessary to say in the above paragraph, so I won't restate it all over again down here.;) So anyway, go ahead and take the quiz!

Created by: Meself
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you a leader or a follower?
  2. Favorite of these sci-fi categories?
  3. Which of these do you agree with the most?
  4. Do you like lightsabers?
  5. Favorite ship?
  6. Are you honest?
  7. Logic vs. emotions?
  8. What color is your hair?
  9. Are you a 'ladies' man?'
  10. Are you African/of African descent?
  11. Pick the one that describes you the best.
  12. Same thing:
  13. Do you like to wear black?
  14. Be honest...would you consider yourself brave?

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Quiz topic: What Sci-Fi Character am I?