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  • Prinses Lela :D

    Nixie Aug 6 '14, 12:02PM
  • I thought I would get Spock, and I did. :I

    meowmeowm Oct 29 '13, 4:22PM
  • Awesome quiz

    The Geek Feb 17 '13, 1:45PM
  • "You are Uhura. Uhura was a Starfleet officer from Star Trek who was proud of her African heritage. She was also well known among her fellow Enterprise colleagues for entertaining them with her singing talent."

    I only wish I could sing as well as Nichelle Nichols. My favorite on the original Star Trek series was Doctor McCoy, but Lt. Uhura was my favorite of the female characters, mainly because her main function *wasn't* pining over one of the male leads.

    DonnaRowe Dec 7 '12, 10:28PM
  • What? I'm either princess Leigha or Darth Vader...interesting ...

    ponyperson Jan 8 '12, 4:00PM
  • Dude.I'm Darth Vader......SWEET!Hm mm.....That was a bit un-Vader of me.Erm...come to the dark side.There that's a bit better.

    ChantelleChan Apr 4 '11, 4:17AM

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