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  • Let's just get drunk
    "Hehe.So true."
  • "Haha. Me and my friends have done almost all of those. I did 25 and pointed at some random dude when I said Robin and he actually followed m..."
  • Ouija board!!!
    "I'm agreeing with barberbob2. The ouija board isn't evil.It's sometimes called a witches's board because some witches use it as a divination..."
  • When I die
    "Wow. Very nice."
  • does anyone watch
    "Mine would have to be Merlin. Arthur is my second fav."
  • "I friggin' love Supernatural. Just wondering if anybody else felt the same."
  • "@Nakita: LMAO,thank you!That post made my day! ^^ @Kish:would you like to know anymore about Wicca or related topics?"
  • "Your from Texas xX3mo_Ang3lXx ? Cool. I'm from Louisiana.You don't find many Wiccans up North of Louisiana either. Iv'e met a few eclectic w..."
  • "Yeah most things that happen have a more mundane(or logical) reason as to what's happening. Don't rule out a supernatural reasoning to thing..."
  • LOOK
    ""no,don't commite suicide". lol. Awww. so friggin' cute!"
  • "I live out in the country too. But no one I know would dare call me a hick.hehe.They know I'd hurt them.I quess people would classify me as ..."
  • "Sorry its taken so long to reply. Haven't been on this site in a while.^^ There's a short version and a long version of the rede. Bas"
  • Damn dude...
    "Yea pretty much the same with my lil bro.(Except they aren't worried so much about him killing himself as much as killing others.)He was sup..."
  • "@Kish no not really. Although I do cast some spells every now and then.Being a witch means to me being in touch with yourself,deity,and the ..."
  • My Belief (or Theory)
    "Interesting feedback thanks! Scratch that "no negative comments" thing.Don't know why I asked that now^^ All comments are welcom..."

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