Which Heroes character are you?

Have you ever wondered if you had special powers? The people on NBC's heroes have to go through this strange experience. Find out which Heroes character you are most similar to.

Attention all fans of Heroes! Find out which Character from NBC's show "Heroes" are you? Find out by taking this simple quiz! Take it now before the offer expires! but wait, you also get a free coffee mug.....no wait... no you don't.

Created by: Grant
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Most people would describe you as...
  2. Which of these objects would you rather have?
  3. Which of these high school classes would you consider to be your favorite?
  4. Which of these statements would you be most likely to say?
  5. What would you do if you thought someone was going to try to kill you?
  6. Are you evil or good?
  7. Which of these apply to you?
  8. If you had a big problem what would you do?
  9. You are most likely to...
  10. Which of these would you most likely do for fun?
  11. Finish this phrase:"To boldy go..."

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Quiz topic: Which Heroes character am I?