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This quiz is based on the "myers briggs type indicator" test. There are sixteen possible outcomes but since this site only lets 10 different outcomes I used the 10 most popular types in the US. For the full test google "jung and briggs myers typology" and it should be the first link.

This quiz will determine 4 things: whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, sensing or intuitive, thinker or feeler, judger or perceiver. all questions are yes or no, so please pick whichever one is closest to you. answer honestly and hopefully this quiz will be accurate but let me know in the comments :)

Created by: ronii
  1. You are almost never late for appointments.
  2. You enjoy having a wide circle of acquaintances.
  3. Good outcomes usually result from strict observance of the established rules.
  4. It's difficult to get you excited.
  5. You believe that the best decision is one that can be easily changed.
  6. You prefer to act immediately rather than think about your options.
  7. you trust reason more than feelings.
  8. you rely on improvisation rather than careful planning.
  9. you spend your leisure time hanging out with people, going to parties, shopping, etc.
  10. you usually plan activities in advance.
  11. your actions are frequently influenced by your emotions.
  12. you are somewhat reserved and distant in communication.
  13. you know how to put every minute of your time to good use.
  14. after prolonged socializing you feel the need to get away and be alone.
  15. you frequently and easily express your feelings and emotions.
  16. you value justice higher than mercy
  17. you rapidly get involved in a social life when you enter a new school/workplace.
  18. you rely more on experience rather than theoretical "what if's".
  19. you would sometimes prefer to read a book than go to a party.
  20. you would rather experiment than follow familiar approaches.
  21. you avoid being bound by obligations.
  22. deadlines are more relevant than of absolute importance.
  23. you need to try things with your own hands.
  24. you do your best to complete a task on time.
  25. you feel at ease in a crowd.
  26. when solving a problem you would rather follow a familiar approach than seek a new one.

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