Big Five Personality Quiz

The Big Five framework of personality traits from Costa & McCrae, 1992 has emerged as a robust and parsimonious model for understanding the relationship between personality and various academic behaviors. The Big Five factors are openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (common acronyms are OCEAN, NEOAC, or CANOE).

Taking this quiz should take between one and two minutes and will give you an indication of what your big five personality factors are. It is not scientific however.

Created by: Evan of Personality Testing, Inc.
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  1. I see myself as extraverted and enthusiastic.
  2. I see myself as critical and quarrelsome.
  3. I see myself as dependable and self-disciplined.
  4. I see myself as anxious and easily upset.
  5. I see myself as open to new experiences and complex
  6. I see myself as and reserved and quiet
  7. I hate everyone
  8. I like goats
  9. I am ugly
  10. I would never commit a crime

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