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  • Idealist . It was accurate in every way for me, surprised really.

    Evansky3 Feb 6 '16, 5:13AM
  • What about all of the intuitives? Super inaccurate!

    JamesMaySir64 Feb 9 '15, 9:46PM
  • what a great quiz!!! i loved that there wasnt really anything negative in the results!....and that i wasnt asked to rate or comment :]

    candyisfun Dec 5 '11, 3:17PM
  • im a mechanic tooo! but i dont think it means that we'll necesarrily become mechanics because none of the famous people examples were actually mechanics lol :)

    mike345 Dec 4 '11, 9:07PM
  • This was a very great quiz. So... since I'm a Mechanic that doesn't mean I'm likely to be a Mechanic when I get a job, right? I was kind of disappointed with my result because I honestly hate the word Mechanic and the job it inquires. Maybe I should face the truth and realize that I'm not unique. ): But this really was a good quiz.

    WolfAtHeart Dec 4 '11, 8:52PM
  • Yayy im a performer! good quizz :D

    Harrypotternerd4 Dec 4 '11, 4:42PM
  • whoaa this was scary accurate.....

    mike345 Dec 4 '11, 4:12PM

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