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  • mbti - The Ultimate Personality Quiz
    Your Result: ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers 87%

    The Model Student, The Disciplined Soldier, The Rule Follower. Famous people/characters with this type: George Washington Thomas the Apostle Darth Vader Batman Eeyore Traits: Value tradition, security,and peaceful living Will work long and hard to fulfill duties Can be depended on to follow through on tasks Loyal and faithful Stable, practical, down-to-earth Family-minded Dislike doing things that dont make sense to them Dislike abstract theory, unless they see practical application Natural leaders Prefer to work alone, but will work in teams when necessary Extremely observant, they take in facts via their senses and store them internally Vast, rich inner store of facts which they rely on to understand problems which they encounter in their lives Profound respect for facts and concrete information Make decisions objectively, applying logic and rational thinking Dislike change, unless they are shown it's benefit in a concrete way "good citizens"

    81% ISFJ - The Nurturers
    48% ISTP - The Mechanics
    48% ESTJ - The Guardians
    42% ISFP - The Artists
    42% ESFJ - The Caregivers
    25% INFP - The Idealists
    9% ESTP - The Doers
    3% ESFP - The Performers
    0% ENFP - The Inspirers
    For sure! So accurate!

    ThisIs NEW ROME
  • This was a very great quiz. So... since I'm a Mechanic that doesn't mean I'm likely to be a Mechanic when I get a job, right? I was kind of disappointed with my result because I honestly hate the word Mechanic and the job it inquires. Maybe I should face the truth and realize that I'm not unique. ): But this really was a good quiz.

  • Artist,I am very creative, imaginative, unique and talented. I like to work with my hands and use my skills for art work often. I'm also very introverted too. Cool quiz mate.

  • Idealist . It was accurate in every way for me, surprised really.

  • What about all of the intuitives? Super inaccurate!

  • im a mechanic tooo! but i dont think it means that we'll necesarrily become mechanics because none of the famous people examples were actually mechanics lol :)

  • what a great quiz!!! i loved that there wasnt really anything negative in the results!....and that i wasnt asked to rate or comment :]

  • Yayy im a performer! good quizz :D

  • whoaa this was scary accurate.....


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