The Ultimate Warrior Cats Quiz! (Part 2)

So I made the first Ultimate Warrior Cats Quiz a bit ago, and I just couldn't wait to make this one! So this is a type of "Who said?" Quiz! All of this is true and correct!

This is an all "Who said" quiz! All of it is correct facts. And if you have a problem, comment! Rate and leave comments! And new Ultimate Warrior Cats quiz will be coming out soon!

Created by: Sparkspiritt
  1. 1: Who said: "And I'm sick of you flapping your wings like an injured sparrow, feeling oh so sorry for yourself. You're not the only cat suffering. Your pain isn't the hardest to bear. I suppose I expected too much from you because you're the medicine cat; I suppose I forgot how young you are!"
  2. Who said: "I'm here to heal you. If you want sympathy, go to the nursery."
  3. Who said: "You drift around camp like a little dark cloud looking for someone to rain on."
  4. Who said: "Come a bit farther. We've found a nice sunny spot under a tree. You can rest and we'll see how Whitepaw's hunting skills are coming on."
  5. Who said: "Dovepaw made a mess of the hunting, true. But she ran to help a Clanmate in trouble when she had no idea what danger. And when we couldn't get Icecloud out of the hole, she was quick to volunteer to be lowered down to help her, even though no cat really knew what might have been down there."
  6. Who said: "I'll never leave you behind again."
  7. Who said: "Whatever else he might do, Cloudpaw always keeps his word."
  8. Who said: "I still have legs, you know."
  9. Who said: "Oh, my precious kits. I'll always come back."
  10. Who said: "Traitor! You're a coward and a fool! I've never seen you once defend our borders. What kind of warrior are you?"
  11. Who said: "Never forget that paws fight, but jaws kill."
  12. Who said: "You must either live with us and respect our ways, or return to your Twolegplace and never come back."
  13. Who said: "I will never forgive Bluestar. And Fireheart will never be our deputy. Not in my eyes."
  14. Who said: "They're just dead warriors! Do you think that when they die, they get clever and brave? Don't you realize that some of them may be as foolish and wrong-headed as they were when they were alive?"
  15. Who said: "I've unsheathed my claws too many times. I want to save lives, not destroy them."
  16. Who said: "Don't pretend you don't know me. I know who you are, right enough. You're Oakheart."
  17. Who said: "He would want to see ThunderClan as strong as it could possibly be even if that meant accepting he's not coming back."
  18. Who said: "Peace, dear one. I told you to follow your heart-and your heart lies with your Clan. So you have followed your heart after all."
  19. Who said: "If you don't feel any fear, you will never be able to feel brave."
  20. Who said: "You killed her! This time one of you ridiculous omens has killed one of your clanmates!"

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