Which Warrior Cat are you from Arc 2?

HELLO AGAIN! Thanks for clicking this quiz! See my previous one: Which Warrior Cat are you from Arc 1. LALALLAALALALLAALALLAALALALLAALALLAALALLALAALLAA

Have you ever wondered what significant cat you are from The New Prophecy? You can be Brambleclaw (star), Tawnypelt, Crowfeather, Stormfur, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Feathertail, and Hawkfrost

Created by: Ivydream

  1. Who out of these would you want as a littermate?
  2. What Clan would you like to be in?
  3. Are you a she-cat or a tom?
  4. Who was your FIRST apprentice?
  5. Rp: You find another Clan's patrol on your territory! You are alone. What do you do
  6. Rp: Your mate just abandoned you. What do you do?
  7. What is your fur color? (sorry for so many questions like these XD)
  9. What is one of your skills?
  10. When and how do you die?
  11. Who's the lucky Mommy?
  12. Thanks for taking this quiz! I was trying not to copy the questions from my other quiz (which Warrior Cat are you from Arc 1). Bye and watch for the next one!

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Quiz topic: Which Warrior Cat am I from Arc 2?