The Ultimate Warrior Cats Quiz!

Warriors is the number 1 international best selling series, so I made this quiz to see if YOU know your warrior cats! these are all true, and there is an answer for everyone of them.

Think you know every warrior fact? Take this quiz to see if it true! I'll be making another one soon, if I get more then 10 positive comments! So rate and leave comments!

Created by: Sparkspiritt
  1. Which Thunderclan medicine cat worked him/herself to death?
  2. What was Owlstar's warrior name?
  3. Who is Crookedstar's mother and how did she die?
  4. Which clan has a half-clan leader? (As of SOTM)
  5. Which cat dies in the rat fight in Firestar's Quest?
  6. What is Sol's kittypet name?
  7. Who was the Windclan medicine cat when Skyclan was driven from the forest territory?
  8. Who gives Firestar the prophecy: "There will be three, kin of your kin, who will hold the power of the stars in their paws."?
  9. Who was Sagefur's mentor?
  10. What color are Coal's eyes?
  11. Who is Snaketail?
  12. In Firestar's Quest, who gives Leafstar her seventh life?
  13. When Firestar dies (which he will), will Brambleclaw become leader?
  14. Why is Tigerstar training clan cats in the Dark Forest?
  15. What colour are Billystorm's eyes?
  16. How many moons away are modern Skyclan from the cats old territory (the forest)?
  17. Who is Firestar's half-brother?
  18. What color is Scourge's collar?
  19. In The Sight, Firestar is mistakenly called what?
  20. When Sandstorm and Firestar went away to rebuild Skyclan, who mentored Sorrelpaw?
  21. In Bluestar's Prophecy, who was Goldenpaw's mentor?
  22. How did Longtail loose his sight?
  23. Who is Goldenflower and Lionheart's half-brother?
  24. Which of Thunderclan's newest clan-member(s) is a descendant of Moonflower? (As of SOTM)
  25. According to Lionblaze and Jayfeather, how did Hollyleaf "die"? (SPOILER: I put "" because she's not dead)
  26. Dawnpelt is the grand niece of which Thunderclan deputy?
  27. Who is Tigerheart truly in love with?
  28. What are the names of Leafstar's three kits? (HINT: 2 she-kits and a tom)

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