Which warrior cat are you?(Out of my cats!)

Always wanted to try.. these are my cats! I kinda regret putting in a few cats,because I had other cats that I think would have qualified but..oh well! Hope you have fun with the quiz! Be sure to comment who you got and if you want me to make another!

Everybody makes quizzes about the actual warrior cats,but my quiz is on my own! Not the best described,but if you take this quiz,you can find out which one of my awesome cats you are!

Created by: FOXZILA
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  1. You and your friend go out hunting. While you are out, you find a injured kittypet, nearly at the stake of death. It is fairly easy to heal, and it is a quick process. Yet you can scent prey near by. It could be big or small. What do you do?
  2. You have either helped or left the kittypet,but now you have hunted and came back to the camp to see a clan meeting happening. Your leader announces that they are going to lead a battle patrol and fight another clan for a section of territory! You are put on the patrol and are asked to lead. What do you do?
  3. You are in the battle clearing. Cats are fighting all around you. How do you fight?
  4. Your clan has won!
  5. You are back at camp. You are exhausted from the battle,and your wounds hurt pretty bad. All you want to do is sink into your nest and sleep,but there are other cats that have bad injuries and the medicine cat has her paws full. What do you do?
  6. It is the morning. You wake up,still sore,but get up anyways. You pad into the clearing,only to see the fresh-kill pile pretty empty. There are patrols out,but you know there are starving cats at the moment. What do you do?
  7. It's sunhigh. The clan is well fed and everybody relaxes and shares tongues with each other. You hear a couple cats about the gathering tonight,and one cat says they ask the leader if they could go,and the leader had said yes. What do you do?
  8. You are on your way to the gathering. You hear something,and slow down. Your friend stops and looks at you,asking "Everything okay?" you say "Yes fine. I want to check something out,I'll catch up in a minute." they nod and run off. You then go search to see a large fox. You do what?
  9. The fox grabs you around the throat and shakes you rapidly! You feel your throat tear and know you are loosing a lot of blood. You are banged against a tree and the ground,then thrown by a river,blood pouring out of you. The fox walks off. You are weak and on the edge of death pretty much. You..
  10. You finally let out your last breath and you see black. You open your eyes,seeing you are in StarClan. A cat sits in front of you,waiting with a welcoming gaze. You do what?
  11. Okay...this is the last question. How did chu like the quiz? :3?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior cat am I?(Out of my cats!)