Warrior Cats No Spoilers Name Quiz

If you haven't read the Warrior Cats Books By Erin Hunter I would highly advise you to as,as soon as I started reading I could hardly put the book down!

This quiz was made for my best friend who is in the early stages of Warrior Cats and this quiz contains no spoilers! Good Luck! Thanks to Erin Hunter! Icestorm

Created by: Icestorm
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  1. Choose one of these:
  2. Choose your fave colour:
  3. You are in a terrible battle against some rogue cats over some mislaid waffles your mate, your leader and your best friend are all pinned down but who do you help?
  4. Kits?
  5. Your Clan Leader now! One of your apprentices has broken the warrior code! what do you do?
  6. Your best friend is in love with a cat from another clan they beg you not to tell anyone what do you do?
  7. Choose one of these:
  8. Choose one of these:
  9. Again...Choose one of these:
  10. Last Question: How did you like this quiz?

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