What would your warrior cat name be?

This quiz is my first quiz i ever made so please no bad coments,so its about what warrior cat you would be. Please take the quiz,it mite not be that good but i enjoy making it and taking it.

Do you like warrior cats? I like warrior cats! My favorite is like firestar or something but anyway im talking about warriors by erin hunter and please take the quiz,enjoy!

Created by: Jessie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. What clan do you perfer?
  2. Do you want a mate?
  3. You are in a battle with bloodclan when your mate is pinned,your best friend is getting choked,your leader is sufficating and is coved in cats and the medicine cat is held in a tight grip,a cat just waiting to slice her throat,you can only save one cat,who will you save?
  4. You secretly love the medicine cat but its against the code to,what will you decide to do?
  5. Who would you rather have as a mate?
  6. What name do you like most?
  7. The disliked cat in your life whent missing,the leader asks you to look,what will you do?
  8. What is your favorite kind of prey out of the four?
  9. Were do you hunt for prey?
  10. Do you like love stories in the warrior series?

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Quiz topic: What would my warrior cat name be?