Are You the Ultimate Warrior?

Put on your armor, pick up your sword, it's a battle to the death to decide who is the ultimate warrior. Chances are it won't be you, but hey, who knows?

Are you the ultimate warrior? Do you have the strength and power to qualify for such a title? Find out in this quiz, that tests and gauges all the attributes that you have, to see if you're the ultimate warrior.

Created by: dan berrington

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  1. How often do you work out?
  2. What's your favorite weapon?
  3. What's a gladius?
  4. Enemies are charging your spear infantry with chariots. You:
  5. The enemy have a force made entirely of pike infantry. You can arm yours with spears, horses and swords, bows and swords, spears and swords, swords, or bows. You arm them with:
  6. It is the day of a battle, but a attractive person of whatever sex you're attracted to offers to have sex with you. You:
  7. The enemy is doing a full frontal assault on your main force with his swordsmen, which is being supported by his spear infantry. You have three units that aren't engaged: Your swordsmen, your cavalry and your bowmen. You:
  8. Where are the instant killzones?
  9. What is a katar?
  10. what's your build?
  11. What's your diet
  12. What's your fighting style?
  13. Do you prefer head on battles to guerilla skirmishes?
  14. Do you know some form of martial arts?
  15. You look at a picture of Hiroshima after the-incident-that-must-not-be-named, what do you think?

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