Warriors books 1 through 4

there are a lot of smarties out there and few not smarties but can you be smart enough to take my ultimate warrior quiz and put your skills to the test.

are you smart about warriors or are you not come test out your warrior knowledge on my warriors books 1 through 4 and see if you can become a warrior king or fall down hard.

Created by: brandon
  1. how many clans are there
  2. who is the leader of thunderclan
  3. who is firehearts best friend
  4. who is firehearts first aprrentice
  5. who is graystripes mate
  6. what kit was brought into thunderclan by princess
  7. what two cats are kittypets
  8. who is yellowfangs apprentice
  9. who is thunderclans medicine cat in books 3 and 4
  10. who are the two shadowclan that go to thunderclan for help because of there sickness in the shadowclan

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