How much do u know about warriors

There are a few true warriors experts.What is an expert after all.Well an expert is someone who knows all there facts an doesn't get them wrong.These questions on warriors will test your knowledge!

Are you an expert on all your warriors facts.Can you prove to me that you are the bestest of the best and you can get this quiz 100% correct.Come on try it!!!!!

Created by: tori

  1. How did Blustar die
  2. Who were Brokenstar's parents
  3. What was Scorge's kittypet name [manga edition]
  4. Which one of Frostfur's kit were run over by a monster on the thunderpath
  5. What book are Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw in
  6. What two colors is Firestar's sister Princess
  7. What is Firestar's apprentice name
  8. Who killed Redtail
  9. Do u think this quiz was cool
  10. Okay last question.Did all 4 clans suceed in driving Bloodclan out of the forest or did they have to leave

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