How much do you know about Warriors?

What is Warriors? Warriors is a book series written by 3 authors. They are a really good series that everyone should read. They are about cats who live in Clans.

How much do you know about Warriors? Have you wondered? Well if you have this quiz is for you! This quiz tests you on a variety of Warriors subjects. Please take it!

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  1. What was the medicine cat apprentice at the begining of Bluestars Prophecy?
  2. Who was Bluestars mother?
  3. Who was Scourges father?
  4. In Firestar's quest, what young SkyClan did he think was ambitious?
  5. What was the name of Sasha's Twolegs?
  6. How mant cats were chosen to go on the journey to the Sundrown Place?
  7. Who was Cinderpelts first mentor?
  8. What was Tallstar's warrior name?
  9. Who was Tigerstar's mentor?
  10. What are the authors names?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Warriors?