Do You REALLY Know Warrior Cats?

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Warrior Cats is a bestselling series by "Erin Hunter" (who is really 4 people named Tui Sutherland, Victoria Holmes, Kate Cary, and Cherith Baldry). It is an epic tale about clans of cats that live in the wild, hunting and fighting to survive.

Have you read Warriors? Do you think yourself to be the ultimate Warriors fan? If so, please take this quiz and see how you do! A true warrior will know the answer to all the the question is- are you are true warrior?

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  1. Which Clan was not mentioned in the books?
  2. Who was Russetfur's mentor?
  3. Which cat killed his half brother?
  4. When Firestar was first accepted into ThunderClan, he became an apprentice and ran into his old friend, Smudge, when he was out hunting. How much time passed between the time he joined the Clan and when he met Smudge in the woods?
  5. What is an INCORRECT form of Crowfeather's warrior fan name?
  6. Which of the cats below has no halfClan heritage as far as the books say?
  7. Which cat is matched properly with its clan?
  8. What description fits Crookedstar?
  9. Who was not one of the leaders who chased out SkyClan?
  10. Which name is repeated in the book?
  11. What are some clues that can be taken from Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze to figure out who their parents really are?
  12. When did Warriors: Omen of the Stars: Night Whispers come out?
  13. Who is the forgotten warrior? **NOTE: This has been confirmed by Vicky.**
  14. All the apprentices who die early are toms.
  15. Which of these cats is of direct "royal" descent?
  16. Where will the next series be set?
  17. If I called you a piece of rabbit dung, which clan am I from?
  18. Which cat could NOT be considered one of Jayfeather's mates?
  19. What does POT stand for?
  20. What year was the first warriors book published? NO PEEKING
  21. After which book in the "regular" series was Battles of the Clans published?
  22. What book's title has also served as a Warrior name?
  23. What did Squirrelflight promise Mousefur as they crossed a stream together?
  24. What Clan eats food that is dangerous?
  25. Which cat died before he could meet his father?
  26. At what age does an apprentice usually become a warrior?
  27. What was Tigerstar's original name going to be?
  28. What is the color of Crowfeather's eyes in Sign of the Moon?

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