How much do you know about the clans?

Do you know all about the warrior cats like what the eat and who founded the clans? Well in this quiz you will find out just how much you know about the Warriors series.

Do YOU know about the warrior cats? Why hesitate take the quiz! And be polite and actually try or you are a mean person who doesn't try at all. Got it? Good. Now take the quiz!

Created by: Jayfeather

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  1. What are clans names? (Not including Starclan)
  2. What kind of prey does Riverclan eat?
  3. Say your an apprentice, what do you say at the end of the warrior ceremony?
  4. Who made the clans?
  5. What should you never do unless you are protecting your clan?
  6. How are you holding up?
  7. What should a medicine cat never have?
  8. What prey does Thunderclan eat?
  9. What rank is the cat who deals with patrols and hunting?
  10. What cats get fed first?
  11. The quiz is over. What did you think of it? Be honest

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about the clans?