What warrior cat clan are you

The warriors books by Erin Hunter.Some people want to know, what clan will they be in? More about the clans that the books did not tell.You my ponder and ponder...

But now!With this new,smart, and fun quiz that has been made by the brain of a Warrior cats genius it will show you what TRUE clan you belong.(By the way the only clans it uses is Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow.No Sky,Blood or Kitty pet.)

Created by: MidNight20090
  1. What do you do in summer?
  2. Another clan comes to attack your clan!A huge tabby tom is trying to kill your apprentice, and one big one trying to kill your leader who has only 1 life left!Who do you help?!
  3. Did you like dah quiz? :P (This don't effect your scores)
  4. Its not over yet haha! Do you like kittens? (Kits)
  5. What do most people think of you as? #1 loyal # 2 Strong # 3 proud # 4 Kind # 5 Faithful # 6 fast # 7 swift # 8 a good swimer
  6. do you think you are the strongest?
  7. Fav song? (if not on here put other)
  8. Same as last one but more songs
  9. How meany warriors books have you read?
  10. Last one and I am not joking how did you find the warriors books?

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat clan am I