Which Clan do you belong to?

This Quiz will guess what clan you would be in. Also includes Kittypets and rogues. From Warrior cats. All books are from Erin Hunter. Please enjoy!!!

Answer the questions truthfully and find the results. Please retry over if you do not like your result. Sorry for question ten, I needed to fill it up.

Created by: ToddTheDino
  1. What best describes your personality?
  2. Which best describes your athletic ability?
  3. What group of names do you like most?
  4. If confronted by an attacker, which would you do?
  5. Your friend is being bullied. How do you deal with it?
  6. Which character do you like best?
  7. What food sounds best to you?
  8. What Clan is your main OC from? (What clan do you like most)
  9. Finally; What series is your favourite?
  10. Should I make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: Which Clan do I belong to?